Technology Requirements

The wireless network of the CSR online school called WFS1 and is protected. You can use it to connect only if you have a valid login combination of CSR. Every student has such a combination login. In the pdf instruction CSRLAN which can be found on www.csr/ict/csrlan is exactly described how you get your connection.

The following hard- and software is available.
1. Internet connected computer (See www.csr/ict/csrcworkstation_policy )
2. School Tube account Workspaces account
3. ELearning environment, eLearning blog, twitter

Hardware as a film and photo camera, scanner, drawing tablets, projectors are rent at the circulation desk in exchange for a student ID and a deposit of $ 50.

If you have a technical problem that cannot be solved by yourself or your learning coach, contact the school IT by email

The Safe Internet School is an agreement to create safer social networking at school .
CSR also participates in this.
Information can be found at www.csr/safe internet